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Mission Impossible is a challenging 8 acre obstacle course. The course is designed to foster teamwork and encourage each participant to develop a "self-less" attitude about everything they do in life, modeled after the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ in Matthew 20:28. The event will include teams of Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement and current/former military veterans and ROTC Cadets who will serve as the "opposing forces" to eliminate and capture the participants as they proceed through the course. Get caught and spend time in the "POW" camp! Watch out for constant "Air Raids!" Beware of Snipers! Get extra points for rescuing a “Captured Pilot!” 

Experience amazing sound effects, lasers, lights, videos and other top secret surprises and booby traps as you advance through the course! Prizes will be awarded at the conclusion of the event to the individual and team who make it through the course the most times without being captured! Other prizes and awards to be given out as well ! 
Come dressed in all black or camouflage (bring warm clothes as well just in case it's cold!) Your goal is to not be detected while you advance through the course!



The purpose of Mission Impossible is the provide a safe environment where participants may elect to work together as a team to accomplish the objective. This collaboration of team work may require some participants to “sacrifice” themselves by being caught in order to allow other team members to complete their objective. We believe through Mission Impossible we can reveal to both the adults and youth who attend the principles in Philippians 2 concerning humility and service to others. 


There are several opportunities for members of the community to become involved in MISSION IMPOSSIBLE.


  • Participants:  Individuals who are interested in navigating the course should preregister on the website.


  • Commandos:  The success and excitement of this event is dependent on professional, experienced military and                                law enforcement personnel. If this describes you or someone you know we'd be interested in                                   recruiting your assistance. Contact Troey Stout or Benjamin Monroe if you are interested! (See Info tab


  • Adult Staff:  Individuals who are willing to serve the participants and other visitors during the event.  Contact Troey Stout or Benjamin Monroe if you are interested! (See Info tab)


  • SETUP:  Individuals who are available to help set the event up.  Contact TroeyStout or Benjamin Monroe if you are interested! (See Info tab)


  • TEAR DOWN:  Individuals who are available to remove and disassemble equipment.  Contact TroeyStout or Benjamin Monroe if you are interested! (See Info tab)


  •  BUSINESS/CORPORATE SPONSORS:  Companies who are interested in donating finances or products for the                                                                            event.  Contact TroeyStout or Benjamin Monroe if you are interested! (See Info tab)


HQ: Headquarter tent. This is the objective of all participants. Once you reach this area you have successfully                       completed the Mission.


POW CAMP: The Prisoner of War camp is where you are taken if you are caught. You will be required to perform various                                simple tasks in order to “serve your time”. Once allowed to leave POW camp you will be allowed to attempt the                          Mission again.


CONTROL TOWER: The control tower is approximately 20-30' high and equipped with lasers, lights, sound and most                                                     importantly, the SPOTLIGHT, designed to stop participants in achieving their objective.


COMMANDO TENT: This area is reserved for commandos to relax and regroup. Food and drinks are provided.

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